Family Counselling Center (Social Welfare Board, Central and State Government)

Prathyusha Charitable Trust  has started the Family Counseling Center in  1st October 2003 and from on that day FCC doing more efficient work like solving more problems of women, girls and families.
Family Counselling Office
Our Family Counselling Centre Was Visited & Inspected By States Social Welfare Board Chairman Smt.Ragam Sujatha Garu,Secretary SmtJayasree Garu & Women & Child Department CPDO Smt.Laxmi Bhai Garu...
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The problems affected families are coming to our office and compliant who is giving the problems and who are suffering,our councellors are taking compliants from them and start counseling for both sides and mostly trying to solve the problem amicably .If they need the help of police or legal assistance we are taking their help too.Like this we are solving more than 150 families problems and now they are happy with their families.
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