Prathyusha Charitable Trust Objectives:
  • Medical Services to the Poor
  • Women Empowerment
We all know the popular saying “Health is Wealth? By health we do not mean the absence of physical troubles only. But it is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. The loss of health is a loss of all happiness. Mahatma Gandhi also says, “It is health which is real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver? The sound health can help to develop a healthy society. The village people in this region are not aware about their health of and on most of the villagers are suffering from different kinds of diseases. They do not know how to tackle the diseases and to take preventing measures to develop a good health as well as the society. In our health programme we had already conducted 108 Medical camps in different areas like in Nalgonda District, Rangareddy District, Warangal District, Ananthapur District, Rajamundry, Ramchandrapuram, Guntur District, Vijayawada and Hyderabad slum areas etc., of Andhra Pradesh State.
We have been conducting all kind of camps but our trust intension is not only conducting the camps but also to expand the camps to hospitals. So far we did all these camps with meagre financial status of our trust but if we get support from the donors with sufficient funds we will built a multispecialty Hospital to help the poor who are in need of full treatment. Our intension is for every treatment, the poor people  need not to go around and search for getting treated for a particular disease where as they can get treated for all in our in one Multispecialty Hospital.
In this project we are providing the women to settle in her financial position in order not to depend on anyother. In this we are providing the encouragement to thousands of girls even educated uneducated middle half educated and making them to earn themselves by providing training. WIth what ever the funds we had we spent on some of the projects if we are getting good funds then we are supposed to form new new projects with new technologies.
This is the another project of our trust. In which we came within an intension to help the resque girls. We need funds to implement this project. for example, a girl comes out of her house to live independently we from our trust are taking into the resque home providing the shelter to her if she needs to study we will provide the education if at all she supposes to do it. finaly we provide the capablity to earn the money and settle in her life.This is the main of our project.
The main aim of this project is that conducting the awareness camps in various areas. The theme of this project is that giving the classes to the women about the present society. How a women should be there the society, what should be the movements of women. how should a women or girl be carefull with this society? Now-a-days the women should takecare of herself alot. if we get more funds we will be conducting many of such programmes to get awareness in ladies
The following are the projects which have been implemented in our trust are as follows:
1. Computer Training:
In our institute we are providing many of the computer courses like Fundamentals of computer, MS-Office, MS-WORD,MS-EXCEL. Our institution consists of 60 students who are divided into two batches. we have three faculty people who have lot of information about computers. we have 15 syestems with us. if we get good funds we are planning to speard this institution in each and every district.The trained people will be presented cerficates.
2. Beautician Courses:
In this we are providing the beautician courses. With 30 members in every batch like that we are having daily two batches with 3 trainees. The duration period of our course is 3 months.The trained people will be presented cerficates.
3. Spoken English Courses:
In Andhra Pradesh, most of the girls are educated in telugu medium so if they want to move to futher knowledge they should know the minimum language.We are also able to provide spoken english classes for the people who comes an intension to learn it.These programs are conducted in the village areas for the below poverty line people. Daily we are having one batch with a trainee of 30 students. The batch is trained for 60 days.The trained people will be presented cerficates.
4. Tailoring:
It is the main women based our institution we are conducting two batches every day. every batch consists of 25 members and two trainees. In this we trained how to stich clothes of both men and women including kids too. This course is for 3 months. The trained people will be presented cerficates.
5. Embroidery and Maggam:
It is our organization’s own training cum production programme. We are continuing this programme since inception our society. Few unemployed take support from us by taking this training they can self employment. In this we are providing two types of embroidery, they are casual thread embroidery and zori embroidery. Similarly we are providing a hundreds of ladies to make them strong by making them to settle in their financial status.
The up coming trust future project is to construct educational institutions from primary to +2, degree, post graduation and nursing.
If we are getting the perfect hand to develop our trust then our trust is ready to give the service to the women in al aspects to develop their lifes.