Trust Activities

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2002 Activities
Prathyusha Charitable trust has conducted some programmes on Prathyusha Anniversary 24th Febrauary... programmes.... annadanam nearly 200 people...and distributed examination materials for 100 girls and boys for High School section....these are all conducting by the Trust with sweet memories of Prathyusha.
2003 Activities
Workshop an elimination of Child Labour and Role of Women has been Organized at Bommala Ramaram Mandal (Nalgonda Dist.) on 26th July 2003.Many were attended and benefited.
2004 Activities
Since from 2004, every year we conduct Medical camps in the Rainy season. The duration of this Camp is about 40 days. We distribute the precaution medicines for the Brain Fever from the age of 0-5 years children. This Camp will be conducted in the internal areas of any district. The main aim of this Camp is to save the children from the Brain Fever.Sharing and Caring is the secret of living.

2005 Activities
In the year of 2005, we had conducted a program for anniversary of Prathyusha's Birthday. On that day we presented the Prathusha Awards from our Prathyusha Charitable Trust. This program was conducted in a very grand way and many people took apart in this program and in the  presence of valuable guests and some of them are Heroin Smt.Laya, Hero Sri Dr.Rajendra Prasad garu, Advocate Sri. Ram Chander Rao, TDP Mahila Leader Nanapaneni RajaKumari garu, etc..,and the program was very successful.

2006 Activities
In 2006 the Guntur district was mostly affected by floods. We voluntarily donated a thousands of sarees to the ladies. We distributed 15 bags of rice among the total village from our trust. We also provided the Homeopathic medicines to the floods affected people so as to prevent the future Viral Infections. We distributed nearly 300 plates and 600 glasses to each and every home.Everyone from the village has appreciated our services.
2007 Activities
In 2007 at Bhongiri we had conducted a Social Welfare Program that is "HARITHA THORANAM" . In that program more than 500 ladies have been participated and made it successfull. This program was started from RDO office in Bhongiri. In this program each and every lady had planted the plants. Then they started conversing with slogans such as "GREENERY IS NECESSARY" etc.., to get awareness of greenery.
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2012 Activities
We did justice to a girl who was attempted suicide because of failure in the love affair. The girl is physically handicapped and she loved a boy for 3 years. He cheated her and escaped. We ourselves from the trust found him  and we provided the counselling for both  and finally we did arrange the marriage for them. Now they are leading a happy life.
2013 Activities
We had a visit to the Chanchalguda Mahila jail. There we heard the problems of the prisoners and we had given  the counselling to all prisoners that how to overcome with their mistakes / crimes and there after we distributed the Sweets, Fruits and Bread to the prisoners. All inmates felt happy and thanked our services.
2014 Activities
In RANGAREDDY DISTRICT  the Prathyusha Charitable Trust  was conducting  an awareness camp for maintaining the neatness for health and also distributing medicines to the children for brain fever.
2015 Activities
1. We were organizing the Doctors' meeting for how to do more medical services for the needy poor people in remote areas.Doctors gave more suggestions in that meeting. It was very successful meeting.
2016 Activities
we are conducting the awareness meeting on women health and neatness.
2017 Activities
We organize some activities on prathyusha jayanthi.
2018 Activities
PCT distributed delicious food to Orphans....Andi planted plants on 24th February on prathyusha death anniversary
2019 Activities
PCT giving trainings in computers and spoken English for economically backward classes...
2020 Activities
PCT conducting some programmes in 2020.
2021 Activities
Family Counseling Centre..PCT.
2022 Activities
PCT got Award on International Women's Day...2022.
2023 Activities
Some activities in 2023 year.
Karate Championships Programme at Hyderabad
Prathyusha Birthday Celebrations by Prathyusha Fans
Teachers Day Celebrations at Hyderabad
Trust Activities
1.Social Awareness Camps for Women 2.Emergency Relief to Women in Distress
3.Empowerment of Women 4.Assistance to poor
5.Elimination of Child Labour 6.Medical Camps (Allopathic/Ayurvedic/Homeopathic)
7.Pratyusha Charitable Trust Awards & other Programmes